Monday, February 27, 2006

Here are the handwarmers

Yes, ta da - here are the handwarmers - the model guy at work did a great job for me and my modelling career could take off from here (not with those dishwasher hands dearie!). - should have knit gloves after all - chapped hands are not in vogue this year!



Hello All,

How did it go? - I see by some posts - jolly good show for some of you!

My weekend was a disaster - well knitting wise. I was still house/dog/cat sitting till Sunday when I had to "change houses". I did try to knit a little but found a mistake and had to rip it out. On Saturday we had a LARGE snowfall - there was tons of snow so I helped Hannah built a snow fort (for 3 hours) and decided that was time well spent (I also spent 3 hours shovelling the bosses and neighbours driveways!!!- me think I should get a medal for that Olympic effort!)

Also, calamity, struck - I fell down the stairs at the bosses house and hurt my arm so that delayed progress - then I had to deal with mice in the house - Hannah was quite upset.

So... drum roll... due to circumstances beyond my control... I will enter my handwarmers as my finished project. They are nothing to write home about! but something is better than nothing.

I have enjoyed "getting back to knitting" and have several projects I wish to do in the future. But for now I must try to finish the baby sweater. Hannah must know me well cause she said "will the sweater be finished before the baby is born" (not mine - someone at work!) baby is due in June and in all confidence I have said "yes". I never make a promise I cannot keep.

So me fellow team mates - what now after the Olympics - what plans do you have now - are we disbanded until the next Olympics or....................?? are we doing another challenge.

I will post the hand warmer picture today - the model-maker at work has the camera.

Cheerio the noo
Carolyn and Hannah

Sunday, February 26, 2006


Socks have been completed, ends sewed in, washed, and they're hanging to dry as I type.


This has confirmed what I always knew: I enjoy the process of knitting (and designing) as much if not more than the actual completion.

Team Scotland Knits

Team Scotland Knits

I did it! I just finished my socks. My husband can't believe it--I started the 2nd one on Wednesday. With almost no time to knit, I feel quite the Olympian. :-) As well as looking after almost 11 month old twins and all the laundry and bottle steaming that that entails, I had a death in the family and planned a funeral, too. :-( (I am about the only surviving member of one side my original family (stateside) who is under 97 and sane.) While the Knitting Olympics added some stress, it also helped me deal with all of the other stuff. However, I'm thankful that I chose one of the easier patterns in the new Charlene Schurch book--I would have never finished the one that I liked best...I'm off to bednow--usually there by 10:30 at the latest since the birth of the babies, I was up until almost 1 a.m. last night, decreasing gussets! I feel like duplicate stitching 5 golden rings on the socks...

Best wishes to all of you for finishing in time--I have loved reading about your projects, especially those Sanquahar (sp?) gloves--perhaps I'll knit those for the next Olympics, but probably not until I send the wee bairns off to college!

Cheers to All!

Sheila in Boston
P.S. I think that I will send the socks to my cousin in Scotland!


Well, I've got one three-needle-bindoff and one complete toe to go.

Will I finish? Not sure, as tomorrow, like today, is a busy day in the pub and I'm unlikely to have much time for knitting.

Wish me luck!

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Nearly there - it's looking like a Rogue

Well, the knitting itself is finished on the hoodie. Woohoo! My son was clicking off the rows as I was finishing and cheering me on (although he did say I should be disqualified for not having the TV on). I took lots of lovely pictures which are just way too dark to post. Maybe we'll get enough sunshine soon.

Now I have lots of finishing to do - the body is knit in the round but the sleeves aren't. It all needs a block as well. I did a preliminary grafting of the top of the hood last night just to see how it came together, not bad but it needs some adjusting. I am quite enamored of how the cables encircle the hood. And how nicely the kangaroo pocket fits - I keep putting things in and taking them out. I am insufferably giddy that it all fits together and works. I will be about the millionth knitter to rave about how well the pattern is designed and written, but rave I must. I hope my sister will feel fabulous in it. I really hope it fits well, as she is in Ireland and not available for try ons.

This has been a quite a learning experience. I had done plain old cables before, but not the closed loop Celtic knot type, and not cables where you take stitches off the cable needle in 2 different steps. I haven't done a fitted garment for eons, either. Or grafted for years; I love doing toe-up socks to avoid grafting. Now I'm thinking of doing more cables, maybe something like the Eris pattern by the same designer for myself.

I hope everyone's projects are going well. With any luck, I can post some pictures in the next day or two. I'd love to see everyone else's too.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Last Herculean Effort

Hello All,

Well no time this week at all to even contemplate knitting.

Working fulltime and house/animal sitting is taking a toll on the time left for anything.

Me thinks the baby jacket is out the window that I started last weekend..... still house sitting this weekend and trying to accommodate Hannah's plans with her friends for the weekend. I cannot spread myself any thinner.

However, all is not lost as I forgot to mention that last weekend I tried to felt a couple of squares I had knitted with the intention of making them into some kind of bag. Did not work out - say no more- so I guess maybe the final entry will be a couple of squares to eventually go with 50 million other ones for a blanket. Well, something is better than nothing!!

Will not be checking in till Monday when it is all over and done and my sanity has returned.

On behalf of us for the Team I think we all done good in our own way.

I'll be back!!!
Carolyn and Hannah

Thursday, February 23, 2006


Well, I'm back in the land of the connected after a week away from the mayhem at the hotel.

Progress on the sock has been slow but steady (I suppose you'd put me in the cross-coutry skiing category) and I've hopes of finishing (but probably not blocking) by the deadline.

I hope to have piccies on my blog tomorrow, but it all depends on how busy the pub gets as we've no staff at all. Yuck.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Me, quiet?

There's a first!

I am having tons of trouble getting to my knitting--everything here is helter-skelter. I finally finished up a proposal for a radio show (cross your fingers for me) and other than desperately wanting a packet of Hob Nobs, (and lemon curd!!!) I am not getting much done! Geeze, I better get to knitting something!!!

Monday, February 20, 2006

Why so quiet!


Yes, I know there's been silence from us - that usually means that people are hiding something (or so my mother used to tell me!). Today I feel like I never want to see another piece of knitting in my life.. More on that later.

Last week was a bit of a write-off. We had 22 people in for a "lunch meeting" at work so muggins here was assigned to ordering, setting up and clearing up, before, during and after the event. So needless to say have been a bit tired.

The weather has been atrocious - we had freezing rain on Thursday and the stress of just trying to make it from work to my daughter's daycare (on time) was too much. It was a virtual skating rink and I was praying I would not fall and break any bones (please, I need my hands to finish the knitting for the Olympics!). I made it to daycare after having to wait in pis.. ing ice pellet rain - and the wind blowing me along on the ice - feeling frazzled - therefore no knitting.

Friday I was sick off work so slept my affliction away for most of the day. Saturday got back on track! Hannah went to her friends- so I knitted with a passion unlike any other!!!. I get distracted very easily so gloves become handwarmers (well, actually only one so far - it was so easy I could knit and watch Olympics a the same time - a bit like rubbing your tummy while patting your head) and then I thought I need more of a challenge and would start on a baby jacket for one of the numerous expectant Mums at work. Well I am halfway up the back of it so far and in all honesty I really want to just fling it out the window - this I know is only a temporary setback.

This week my daughter Hannah and I are "house/cat/dog sitting" for my boss who is away in Belize. Now that's what's wrong - I should be sitting on the sailing boat in Belize - any project could only turn out the best under the Blizean! (sp?) sun - well, maybe for woolly handwarmers - not much call for those on cruises, I guess.

We go to the "sitting" job tomorrow night - so knitting will be out of the window for most of the week. I do, however, plan to make up for this on the final Olympics weekend. I promise I will rally round and make a concerted effort for the Team.

Carolyn and Hannah

P.S.: Sorry, have not asked Hannah about her knitting. I guess we will pack it to take to the bosses house and see "what will be, will be".

Saturday, February 18, 2006


Carolyn, I am curious about your proposal you are slaving away on. Me too--are you a writer? Drop me a line at knitterhead at midsouth dot rr dot com.


Hello, Everyone. Late start...

I'm off to a late start and a late introduction here--I'm SuSannE and I live in Southaven, Mississippi (John Grisham's home town and just down the road from Graceland). I have a half-sister in Cumnock, believe it or not, and I willna believe it if ye've heard of Cumnock, unless, say, you're in Ayr or Killmarnock or even Mauchline (not so sure people actually live in Mauchline, all I saw were tourists!)

It is actually FROZEN SOLID here--we have that cold stuff--what's it called.... snow? No, more solid--ice--on the ground. Everywhere. It was 62 degrees two days ago, with the warmest winter on record. I have no idea what's up with the weather. This happens every time one of my in-laws are scheduled to come down from New Jersey. Last ice storm we had was when my mother-in-law was coming down, first one I'd see EVER in this part of the world, and then my brother-in-law decides to visit (first time in 11 years) and lo and behold--ice. What gives? I digress.

Anyway, I am going to try to whip something out before the closing ceremonies. I would have been working hard on a project, but alas, the whole family got the stomach flu, and when the baby got it, everything stopped dead, including some aspects of personal hygine on the grown-ups part (my husband currently resembles Grizzly Adams--that's what we Americans say when a man's let his beard run amuck).

In the meantime, here's a photie (aye, I ken the lein, sae I do, doon the toown, Hobnobs, Gregg's skeens, take my hand off yer face, Glasgae, hiyuh, and all that brae graith) of one of my more useful projects, a steering wheel cover for our very old car (at least by American standards). The wheel's leather cover was peeling and was quite distracting when driving. So I whipped this out.

Anyway, I'll throw something on to the needles and see what I can whip out (my buddy Elvis told me the other day that he needed a new hat. Yes, he works at the Tesco). Very impressed by everyone's selection here! TTFN

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentines Day Part 2

Hope you all had a super day. Back to work for me tomorrow so these tiny stitches will seriously be neglected. Isn't it good to spend all day knitting and listening to the telly?

Progress report

Photos of my progress as of last night....

The picture of the sleeves was taken on Sunday evening and shows the start of the back at that stage. Last night I had knitted 14" of the back.
Fiberdev checking in for St. Valentine's. I just posted a progress on my blog. Need to set that aside for now and get ready for Stitches West. I've got a sweater to make up, homework, and I have to get my supplies ready for each day of classes. I'll check up on you guys later!


Happy Valentines Day to all...

I got a lovely Valentines card from daughter Hannah, declaring that I was the best Mother in the HOLE world! I think she has been thinking about her knitting overnight as well! At the moment it's got pushed down the back of the couch - I'm sure it will re-emerge at some point.

Well I was right about me - no knitting done last night - dreamt about it a lot though - Have taken knitting to work today but it is like a zoo here - working on a proposal that is not working out!

Maybe try to knit one or two rows.... won't get much done tonight probably.. Olympics of another sort! - the figure skating on tonight - my favourite.

How are you all doing? - are you knitting from here to eternity?

C and H

Monday, February 13, 2006


Hmm ... methinks I have set myself too hard an Olympic challenge...

This is my first opportunity to introduce myself to Team Scotland [my blog] what with all knitting involved in the personal challenge of trying to get at least one mp3 cover knitted, seamed, photographed and up on Etsy a day.

I also decided to finish all my WIPs, which so far has only come to seaming the side of my Jo Sharp mohair vest [I shan't swear, but seaming dark brown mohair has brought tears to my eyes at the very memory!]

This is proving a harder part of the challenge as I finally ordered some handpainted variagated merino from and I'm DYING to cast it on! But Ive got about another 5 projects to finish first *sigh*

Anyways - I'm off to read some more of this blog - GO GET 'EM AT THE CURLING GIRLS!!


Hi all again!!

Lunch time and I am officially allowed to go on the Internet!! Didn't bring my knitting with me to work as I reckoned by the time I got thru' reading all the comments and surfing a bit!!! I would have used up my lunch time.

Don't think I will get much knitting done tonight - maybe a row or two? Tomorrow is Valentine's Day and of course Mum will no doubt have to "prepare" something for Hannah's class tomorrow. And by the time that the French, Math, English, Reading, Journal Writing gets done - well there will be no time left - It's a legit reason! Damn, I REEAAALLYYY wanted to be able to knit tons! but also need a little Olympics viewing time to catch up on the days events.

Have you checked out some of the other teams - some people have like almost finished a sweater (or two, or three). Could be a bit intimidating, but for us hardy Scots - no - no way.

Anyway, have to fly now - will check as I can (makes me sound like a secret agent!)

Carolyn and Hannah

Curling and Purling

I just couldn't resist the title!
C'mon Rhona Martin and her team.. we are rooting for ye girls.

Sanqhar is getting there slooooooowly but surely. Kinda like the marathon ( summer olympics, does it count as a reference?) I have placed a few additional items for comparison, namely a 4mm needle, a spaghetti stick and my 1.5mm DPN. Do you understand where my snail pace is coming from?

How's your progress??

Onwards to the GOLD medals ma Bonnie Lassies.

Well Team Well Done

Hi Everyone,

Just got around to this update now. The opening ceremonies were great!! Hannah and I cast on as per the rules! However, Hannah (age 10) was in tears as her purse was not getting any bigger and Mum had to fix a few dropped stitches. She tried again on Saturday to pick it up but by Sunday declared she was not going to do any knitting today (don't worry the troops will rally again I am sure). Her purse actually is going to consist of a big knitted square which she will sew creatively into a purse.

Mum's attempts were ??? I said I was going to make gloves but discovered I couldn't "do it"!! say no more. So the pattern changed to Knitty. scarf with hearts in it using a purple mohair wool (purple is my favourite colour). Well I made a big square by the end of Friday night and decided I would sew it into some sort of bag for Hannah - must be a family thing with purses and bags!!!

The heart pattern is going well so I've decided to alter it a bit and make my own scarf - will keep you updated. I work full-time so not much time to knit me brains out!!

Keep up the good efforts and I think we should all give ourselves a pat on the back for perseverance.

Carolyn and Hannah

Thanks for the Support

Cheers for the words of encouragement and wisdom following my "Olympic disaster"! I casted on again last night after realising that I'd read the pattern wrong but I'm sticking with the DPNs for now until I've got more time to try out circulars. Will post a picture once there's enough knitting to photograph!!

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Hello team!!!

I'm just stealing a few minutes from my Sunday morning to post. I am knitting the Ballet Cardigan from Interweave Knits, and got one sleeve finished yesterday. I have to have a day off today for some real life to get in the way. More knitting tonight I hope.

Olympic Disaster!

After casting on I don't know how many times and giving myself a headace I've given up on knitting two socks on a circular needle! I tried this tutorial and then this one for toe up socks but I couldn't do either so its back to the DPNs. Then last night I also failed with the Jaywalker pattern. I just couldn't get it! It didn't help that my ink was running out on my printer so I had to guess the pattern from what I could see but talk about frustrating. So now I'm not sure what to do. I don't like knitting under pressure (something I should have thought about before signing up I know) and I'm certainly not enjoying these socks so far but after reading the Yarn Harlot's inspirational speech and other knitathelete's progress I feel I shouldn't wimp out at the first hurdle!

I think I need to calm down and start again even if it means that I don't finish by the end of the games as its the taking part that counts - right? And besides, I don't want to let the team down! Oh and here's a link to my blog.

Thanks for the Invite

Ok, I am not Scottish, but I have eaten haggis :) I am working on mosaic socks for my Olympic project. After a very bumpy road, I seem to be moving along. Everyones projects look awesome. I am not sure if you want us to post pictures here. But there are pictures at my blog.
I live in Virginia USA, my best friend, lives in Scotland. He thinks we are all nuts :)

Thanks again for the invite


Day 2, Half pipes and Snowboarding

Day 2 already!

I must admit, it's rather hard knitting and watching sport . It has only consolidated what I already knew. I can't knit and watch telly at the same time. I listen to the telly and I think I gotta get me some audio books in the future.

Anyway, today has been the snowboarding half pipe with thee King of Ice, Shaun White, USA. Man! Does he make things looks sooooooooooooo easy. He might even be the one to persuade me to stop being a couch potato and actually make a physical effort to do something. Then again.... nah! Perhaps I'll just stick to knitting.

My Sanquhar gloves are cominng along so slowly. I thought I'd be able to steam ahead with them and then, perhaps , finish Tipsy in the 16 days of Olympiad. Fat Chance! 2ply wool and size 1.5mm DPN's means progress is snail pace. Boy! these Mamma's are hard work. I do hope I achieve Olympic Gold for us.


I'm off to a slow but steady start on the Rogue hoodie - had several crises about yarn choice and but now I'm settled into a groove with a nice merino/alpaca (on sale so points for frugality I hope) in plum. I did get about 3" done yesterday then decided I just couldn't live with the yarn and restarted today.
I'm in Canada and only Scottish through my husband's ancestors. I did spend a few lovely days in Edinburgh 3 years ago. And my father-in-law did a lot of work with the University of St Andrew's. My husband is hoping that me joining the team means I'll be doing the luge. My children hope this means we'll be going to Scotland.
I'm thinking we need a snappy motto of some sort to give us more of an identity in the fray. Although the Jamacian bobsledding allusion is taken, I am reminded of Eddie the Eagle (although he was a Brit, wasn't he?) - the absolute last in international ski jumping and the UK's only entry.
Anyhow, any motto ideas?


Maureen in Canada

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Marks, Set, ....

Well, I've not exactly started yet, but I do have everything together and ready to go.

I'm working on a sock from Dawn Brocco's sadly discontinued "Heels & Toes Gazette". I started the pair over a year ago, and took the first sock over to Africa when we visited in July 2004 so that Mom could try it on.
Too long!
Knitting was abandoned in the fun of taking on the Spread Eagle Hotel, and I decided that the first part of my Olympic Challenge would be simply to find the incomplete pair, yarn, needles & pattern.

That's not as simple as it sounds. I moved here in January 2005, three months after we took over the place, and I haven't unpacked yet!

Last night, as the torch was lit in Torino, I managed to track down everything I needed, including some very necessary performance enhancing substances. Yes, I have a cold....

I'll post a picture here once I've downloaded everything from the camera - but probably not until tomorrow evening now, as Saturday is a busy day for us, and tomorrow will be busier due to a big football game followed by a big rugby game, both of which we'll be showing in the pub.

Friday, February 10, 2006


Right. I've sent blogger invites to everyone who's asked. If you haven't received yours, please check your spam filters before you email me again....

It's still not too late to sign up. Admittedly, you're missing out on critical knitting time, but the actual competition doesn't start until Saturday.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Just signed up!

There I was minding my own business surfing the net and admiring all of the participants in the Knitting Olympics and feeling very jealous at the huge interest in Team Wales when I discovered Team Scotland! An overwhelming sense of national pride and the only opportunity that I'll ever have to represent my own country lead me to be HERE!
But then the dilemma - what will I knit? Being a fairly new knitter (only a year since I took up my pointy sticks again) and having only just started sock knitting (my first one is finished and second is on its way - slowly) I decided for some strange reason that I would be able to knit two socks on one circular needle, despite the fact that I've never done this before, plus that I would also attempt to use Grumperina's lovely Jaywalker sock pattern from September's edition of MagKnits. Am I mad - yes, but then when I see the elaborate fairisle jumpers proposed by others I just thought that I had to try something challenging - even if I don't get it finished on time.

So now I'm in the preparation stage. My 100g ball of Opal 4ply in Zebra colourway is split into two 50g balls and I've got my brand new bamboo 2.5mm circular needle at the ready to cast on...........

Blog Membership

We're starting to get a team together!

If you would like to take part, please email me and I'll send you an invite via blogger.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Welcome to Team Scotland

Hello there,

This blog is for anyone who is a part of Team Scotland for the Knitting Olympics. Please post your preparations, progress and pictures in the coming days and weeks.

If you would like to be able to post directly, please leave a comment (with your real email address) or drop me an email, and I'll give you a membership.