Monday, February 13, 2006


Hmm ... methinks I have set myself too hard an Olympic challenge...

This is my first opportunity to introduce myself to Team Scotland [my blog] what with all knitting involved in the personal challenge of trying to get at least one mp3 cover knitted, seamed, photographed and up on Etsy a day.

I also decided to finish all my WIPs, which so far has only come to seaming the side of my Jo Sharp mohair vest [I shan't swear, but seaming dark brown mohair has brought tears to my eyes at the very memory!]

This is proving a harder part of the challenge as I finally ordered some handpainted variagated merino from and I'm DYING to cast it on! But Ive got about another 5 projects to finish first *sigh*

Anyways - I'm off to read some more of this blog - GO GET 'EM AT THE CURLING GIRLS!!


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