Saturday, February 11, 2006

Marks, Set, ....

Well, I've not exactly started yet, but I do have everything together and ready to go.

I'm working on a sock from Dawn Brocco's sadly discontinued "Heels & Toes Gazette". I started the pair over a year ago, and took the first sock over to Africa when we visited in July 2004 so that Mom could try it on.
Too long!
Knitting was abandoned in the fun of taking on the Spread Eagle Hotel, and I decided that the first part of my Olympic Challenge would be simply to find the incomplete pair, yarn, needles & pattern.

That's not as simple as it sounds. I moved here in January 2005, three months after we took over the place, and I haven't unpacked yet!

Last night, as the torch was lit in Torino, I managed to track down everything I needed, including some very necessary performance enhancing substances. Yes, I have a cold....

I'll post a picture here once I've downloaded everything from the camera - but probably not until tomorrow evening now, as Saturday is a busy day for us, and tomorrow will be busier due to a big football game followed by a big rugby game, both of which we'll be showing in the pub.


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