Monday, February 20, 2006

Why so quiet!


Yes, I know there's been silence from us - that usually means that people are hiding something (or so my mother used to tell me!). Today I feel like I never want to see another piece of knitting in my life.. More on that later.

Last week was a bit of a write-off. We had 22 people in for a "lunch meeting" at work so muggins here was assigned to ordering, setting up and clearing up, before, during and after the event. So needless to say have been a bit tired.

The weather has been atrocious - we had freezing rain on Thursday and the stress of just trying to make it from work to my daughter's daycare (on time) was too much. It was a virtual skating rink and I was praying I would not fall and break any bones (please, I need my hands to finish the knitting for the Olympics!). I made it to daycare after having to wait in pis.. ing ice pellet rain - and the wind blowing me along on the ice - feeling frazzled - therefore no knitting.

Friday I was sick off work so slept my affliction away for most of the day. Saturday got back on track! Hannah went to her friends- so I knitted with a passion unlike any other!!!. I get distracted very easily so gloves become handwarmers (well, actually only one so far - it was so easy I could knit and watch Olympics a the same time - a bit like rubbing your tummy while patting your head) and then I thought I need more of a challenge and would start on a baby jacket for one of the numerous expectant Mums at work. Well I am halfway up the back of it so far and in all honesty I really want to just fling it out the window - this I know is only a temporary setback.

This week my daughter Hannah and I are "house/cat/dog sitting" for my boss who is away in Belize. Now that's what's wrong - I should be sitting on the sailing boat in Belize - any project could only turn out the best under the Blizean! (sp?) sun - well, maybe for woolly handwarmers - not much call for those on cruises, I guess.

We go to the "sitting" job tomorrow night - so knitting will be out of the window for most of the week. I do, however, plan to make up for this on the final Olympics weekend. I promise I will rally round and make a concerted effort for the Team.

Carolyn and Hannah

P.S.: Sorry, have not asked Hannah about her knitting. I guess we will pack it to take to the bosses house and see "what will be, will be".


Blogger Hester Sturrock said...

Hello - my name is Hester Sturrock and I live near Atlanta, Georgia. Any other Sturrock's out there on the Team Scotland Blog?

This is my first time leaving a comment on a blog, so I'm not sure if it will work. I feel in love with the Yarn Harlot's Olympic Knitting Team and signed up, but I couldn't find another other Teams - so I finally did a google search and here I am.

I way over estimated what I could do, so I am determined to finish a sweater whose parts I have reknit 3 times each (trying to get it to fit). Does this count?

Since this is my first post, I thought I would try and if it works, post more later.
Bye for know - Hester

5:22 pm  

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