Monday, February 13, 2006

Well Team Well Done

Hi Everyone,

Just got around to this update now. The opening ceremonies were great!! Hannah and I cast on as per the rules! However, Hannah (age 10) was in tears as her purse was not getting any bigger and Mum had to fix a few dropped stitches. She tried again on Saturday to pick it up but by Sunday declared she was not going to do any knitting today (don't worry the troops will rally again I am sure). Her purse actually is going to consist of a big knitted square which she will sew creatively into a purse.

Mum's attempts were ??? I said I was going to make gloves but discovered I couldn't "do it"!! say no more. So the pattern changed to Knitty. scarf with hearts in it using a purple mohair wool (purple is my favourite colour). Well I made a big square by the end of Friday night and decided I would sew it into some sort of bag for Hannah - must be a family thing with purses and bags!!!

The heart pattern is going well so I've decided to alter it a bit and make my own scarf - will keep you updated. I work full-time so not much time to knit me brains out!!

Keep up the good efforts and I think we should all give ourselves a pat on the back for perseverance.

Carolyn and Hannah


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