Saturday, February 25, 2006

Nearly there - it's looking like a Rogue

Well, the knitting itself is finished on the hoodie. Woohoo! My son was clicking off the rows as I was finishing and cheering me on (although he did say I should be disqualified for not having the TV on). I took lots of lovely pictures which are just way too dark to post. Maybe we'll get enough sunshine soon.

Now I have lots of finishing to do - the body is knit in the round but the sleeves aren't. It all needs a block as well. I did a preliminary grafting of the top of the hood last night just to see how it came together, not bad but it needs some adjusting. I am quite enamored of how the cables encircle the hood. And how nicely the kangaroo pocket fits - I keep putting things in and taking them out. I am insufferably giddy that it all fits together and works. I will be about the millionth knitter to rave about how well the pattern is designed and written, but rave I must. I hope my sister will feel fabulous in it. I really hope it fits well, as she is in Ireland and not available for try ons.

This has been a quite a learning experience. I had done plain old cables before, but not the closed loop Celtic knot type, and not cables where you take stitches off the cable needle in 2 different steps. I haven't done a fitted garment for eons, either. Or grafted for years; I love doing toe-up socks to avoid grafting. Now I'm thinking of doing more cables, maybe something like the Eris pattern by the same designer for myself.

I hope everyone's projects are going well. With any luck, I can post some pictures in the next day or two. I'd love to see everyone else's too.


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