Sunday, February 12, 2006


I'm off to a slow but steady start on the Rogue hoodie - had several crises about yarn choice and but now I'm settled into a groove with a nice merino/alpaca (on sale so points for frugality I hope) in plum. I did get about 3" done yesterday then decided I just couldn't live with the yarn and restarted today.
I'm in Canada and only Scottish through my husband's ancestors. I did spend a few lovely days in Edinburgh 3 years ago. And my father-in-law did a lot of work with the University of St Andrew's. My husband is hoping that me joining the team means I'll be doing the luge. My children hope this means we'll be going to Scotland.
I'm thinking we need a snappy motto of some sort to give us more of an identity in the fray. Although the Jamacian bobsledding allusion is taken, I am reminded of Eddie the Eagle (although he was a Brit, wasn't he?) - the absolute last in international ski jumping and the UK's only entry.
Anyhow, any motto ideas?


Maureen in Canada


Anonymous Minxxy said...

what about...

"och aye the noo, Golds? we''ll get more than 2"

10:01 am  
Blogger Sheila said...

Re: the emblem--There's always Greyfriar's bobby! :-)

Minxxy, explain what "Och aye the noo" means--my Scottish isn't too good yet, but I'm hoping to improve it during these two weeks!

I'm in Boston, of Scottish heritage. I found my Scottish rellies over the internet two years ago, when I was doing genealogical research, and visited them in Penicuik this summer--with my husband and my infant twins, who were 3 and 1/2 months old at the time. I'm making socks from Charlene Schurch's new sock book--it will take a miracle to get anything finished around here. I'm an intermediate level knitter, who loves small needle projects, but I do knit slowly, and having two babies in the last year has cut my knitting production to one small self-designed baby hat and a scarf...Here's hoping that the Olympics gets me back on track!

I loved,loved, loved Scotland--everything about it. We werethere in July. I e-mail with my cousin fairly consistently, and we are still tracing descendents of relatives who moved to Australia and South Africa.

Cheers to All,

Sheila in Boston

2:24 pm  
Blogger Minxxy said...

it means oh(och) yes(aye) just now (the noo)

I'll post ye wan o ma richt Scottish posts o'wer the comin weeks an see if ye kin unnerston it. Awright?

2:56 pm  
Blogger Sheila said...


Thanks for the translation!
I love the gloves. I thinkyou're speeding along, considering the pattern and needle size!!!!!

Sheila in Boston

7:38 pm  

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