Friday, February 24, 2006

Last Herculean Effort

Hello All,

Well no time this week at all to even contemplate knitting.

Working fulltime and house/animal sitting is taking a toll on the time left for anything.

Me thinks the baby jacket is out the window that I started last weekend..... still house sitting this weekend and trying to accommodate Hannah's plans with her friends for the weekend. I cannot spread myself any thinner.

However, all is not lost as I forgot to mention that last weekend I tried to felt a couple of squares I had knitted with the intention of making them into some kind of bag. Did not work out - say no more- so I guess maybe the final entry will be a couple of squares to eventually go with 50 million other ones for a blanket. Well, something is better than nothing!!

Will not be checking in till Monday when it is all over and done and my sanity has returned.

On behalf of us for the Team I think we all done good in our own way.

I'll be back!!!
Carolyn and Hannah


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