Saturday, February 18, 2006

Hello, Everyone. Late start...

I'm off to a late start and a late introduction here--I'm SuSannE and I live in Southaven, Mississippi (John Grisham's home town and just down the road from Graceland). I have a half-sister in Cumnock, believe it or not, and I willna believe it if ye've heard of Cumnock, unless, say, you're in Ayr or Killmarnock or even Mauchline (not so sure people actually live in Mauchline, all I saw were tourists!)

It is actually FROZEN SOLID here--we have that cold stuff--what's it called.... snow? No, more solid--ice--on the ground. Everywhere. It was 62 degrees two days ago, with the warmest winter on record. I have no idea what's up with the weather. This happens every time one of my in-laws are scheduled to come down from New Jersey. Last ice storm we had was when my mother-in-law was coming down, first one I'd see EVER in this part of the world, and then my brother-in-law decides to visit (first time in 11 years) and lo and behold--ice. What gives? I digress.

Anyway, I am going to try to whip something out before the closing ceremonies. I would have been working hard on a project, but alas, the whole family got the stomach flu, and when the baby got it, everything stopped dead, including some aspects of personal hygine on the grown-ups part (my husband currently resembles Grizzly Adams--that's what we Americans say when a man's let his beard run amuck).

In the meantime, here's a photie (aye, I ken the lein, sae I do, doon the toown, Hobnobs, Gregg's skeens, take my hand off yer face, Glasgae, hiyuh, and all that brae graith) of one of my more useful projects, a steering wheel cover for our very old car (at least by American standards). The wheel's leather cover was peeling and was quite distracting when driving. So I whipped this out.

Anyway, I'll throw something on to the needles and see what I can whip out (my buddy Elvis told me the other day that he needed a new hat. Yes, he works at the Tesco). Very impressed by everyone's selection here! TTFN


Anonymous Scotland the Damp said...

Hi there! I read you had a relative in Cumnock. Your right - not a well known place. Keep up the knitting. For a scottish related chuckledrop by toScotland the Damp and leave a comment. Always nice to hear from another blogger!

11:09 pm  
Anonymous Scotland the damper said...

I'd meant to say that we live about six miles from Cumnock - rain must have distracted me. Are your woolies waterproof?

11:11 pm  

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