Monday, February 13, 2006


Hi all again!!

Lunch time and I am officially allowed to go on the Internet!! Didn't bring my knitting with me to work as I reckoned by the time I got thru' reading all the comments and surfing a bit!!! I would have used up my lunch time.

Don't think I will get much knitting done tonight - maybe a row or two? Tomorrow is Valentine's Day and of course Mum will no doubt have to "prepare" something for Hannah's class tomorrow. And by the time that the French, Math, English, Reading, Journal Writing gets done - well there will be no time left - It's a legit reason! Damn, I REEAAALLYYY wanted to be able to knit tons! but also need a little Olympics viewing time to catch up on the days events.

Have you checked out some of the other teams - some people have like almost finished a sweater (or two, or three). Could be a bit intimidating, but for us hardy Scots - no - no way.

Anyway, have to fly now - will check as I can (makes me sound like a secret agent!)

Carolyn and Hannah


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